Behind-the-meter (BTM)

Our behind-the-meter solutions enable high energy users to take control of their energy requirements, relieving the pressure of spiralling energy costs and potentially lowering their carbon footprint whilst providing up to 100% of their power requirements.

Many businesses are still exclusively powered by electricity from the grid and are concerned around the level and predictability of energy prices, stability of supply, and carbon intensity. Ambitious businesses, with significant growth plans, need to source cheaper, more reliable sources of energy which can expand with them.

Traditional Power Purchase Arrangements with large electricity suppliers will not meet this need – their power supply will be shaped by the cost of the grid’s sources of generation and the cost of transmitting power
through the national and local grid.

Take control of your energy

We create bespoke solutions for each site, delivering ‘behind the meter solutions’ to lower on-going running costs for clients. Our energy development solutions help futureproof your energy requirements whilst overcoming connection and development barriers. Through a single project delivered from start to finish in less than 12 months, our clients can take the step from conventional energy usage to fully, or significantly, powering their operations with cleaner energy.

Bespoke solutions

At Green Frog Connect we can help design, finance, install, operate and maintain an embedded generation solution at your premises, at no cost to you, replacing up to 100% of your conventional power supply.

Suitable premises include commercial, industrial and public-sector sites:

  • Connected to the network at 11kV or above
  • Existing half-hourly metering and an average annual electricity usage of at least 1MW
  • Located within the UK
  • Sufficient space – the technology requires roughly 300ft2, for every 1MW of average load where the customer owns the freehold or has a long leasehold on the site.

The benefits of behind-the-meter installations

  • Reduce your electricity demand at peak times of the day, generating the greatest energy cost savings.
  • Be guaranteed a minimum cost saving per year at a fixed ‘pence per unit’ price, below market rate.
  • No investment required – turnkey or fully financed options available.
  • Increase your company sustainability by reducing congestion on the national grid and enabling more renewable energy to be connected.
  • Avoid system costs through reducing your electricity system use.
  • Compact footprint required for technology installation.
  • Potential to generate revenues from contracts with National Grid.

How it works

Step 1

We will undertake a no-obligation financial and technical feasibility study, including:

  • an analysis of the site’s half-hourly load profile
  • a review of the electricity supplier contract and any proposed changes
  • a full business case, including forecast cost savings and guaranteed savings
  • a review of the current connection agreement and informal enquiries with the Distribution Network Operator to assess the capacity of the existing connection and grid
  • an outline design, summary site requirements and an electrical connection plan.

Step 2

We will share our analysis and findings, including the business case for the site on an ‘open-book’ basis, so you can understand the full economics of the proposed project.

If the project is feasible and you decide to go ahead, we will lead all aspects of the project development, including design, network connection, planning and installation. Unless you wish to self-fund, Green Frog Connect will arrange funding for the project and will arrange ownership of the apparatus. The lead time to installation is typically nine to twelve months.

Step 3

Once installed, we will arrange for the operation and maintenance of the apparatus and commercially manage the system to maximise the commercial benefits to both parties.