Capacity Market

Capacity market

The capacity market auction is one of the main building blocks of the UK Government’s Electricity Market Reform (EMR) programme and enables the secure supply of electricity by providing a payment for reliable sources of capacity, alongside electricity revenues. 

Green Frog Connect can offer the full turnkey solution required to ensure your sites deliver energy when needed to meet your Capacity Agreements, and Capacity Market Obligations. In turn, this ensures the client benefits from the level of Capacity Payments that they will be entitled to receive, based on the auction clearing price.

Embedded Generation

Embedded generation

Distributed generation refers to the electricity generating plants which are connected to a distribution network, rather than the transmission network. Green Frog Connect offers a full turnkey solution for the many types and sizes of distributed generation plants, including Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants, wind farms, hydroelectric power, solar or battery storage or one of the new smaller generation technologies.

Over recent years there has been a dramatic growth in the number of distributed generators seeking to connect to the distribution network. We can assist with this surge in volume for connections and remove the difficulties in navigating the way through the connection process.

Energy Storage

Energy storage

Energy storage technologies offer great potential for supporting renewable energy and the UK’s energy system. Green Frog Connect can assist with services to the storage industry, which we recognise as an important part of a low carbon future and a key missing piece for the UK’s energy policy. We would be happy to discuss your pumped hydro, hydrogen, battery, compressed air or other storage technology. We can also provide EPC storage build out. 

Contact us to discuss your pumped hydro, hydrogen, battery, compressed air or other storage technology.



Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) is a service for the provision of additional active power from generation and/or demand reduction.

Green Frog Connect have previously project managed the construction of 214MW of STOR diesel generation sites spread across 14 sites including Balance of Plant and civil works. Green Frog Connect was the design and construction ICP for four of the sites, totalling 80MW of generation.

Flexible Power Generation

Flexible power generation

As renewable sources of energy, such as wind and solar, begin to make up a larger portion of the power supply, providers are being challenged to ensure that electricity is always available when the wind doesn’t gust as powerfully as expected or cloud cover restricts solar production. New or updated plants that can start, stop, or throttle up and down quickly and efficiently – all without breaking down or coughing up excess emissions accommodating these fluctuating renewables.

Contact us today to discuss your combined-cycle technology or hydropower plants or similar flexible generation source.

Energy from Waste

Energy from waste

As with wind power, the locations of proposed energy from waste plants are often remote from the main grid. The increasing flexibility of the gas-network operators, to allow export of gas into the grid, is providing an alternative to the power-generation option.

We are working with a number of leading developers in this field.


Solar power

Green Frog Connect have connected a number of Solar PV Farms to the grid, totalling in excess of 600MW. On a number of occasions we have been approached by clients who have been frustrated by other Independent Connections Providers, who have been unable to complete the required works within timescales required by clients and their investors.

Due to Green Frog Connect’s experience and knowledge of this sector, we have the proven ability to be able to take over such a project and ensure it crosses the line within the necessary timeframe, securing our clients many thousands of pounds of future revenue via the government Feed in Tariffs or ROCs Schemes.


Wind power

Green Frog Connect are experienced at connecting wind turbines to the grid across the UK in both urban and rural landscapes. We have a deep understanding of the geographical and environmental challenges presented by onshore wind developments. We work with clients to find the most cost-effective solutions, and manage the process to meet their individual requirements for onsite energy usage and export arrangements.

Green Frog Connect are able to offer a complete wind farm grid connection solution, from carrying out initial studies and calculations through to managing the physical works for connection.

Advanced filling stations

Advanced filling stations

Vehicles powered by batteries, hydrogen and compressed natural gas (CNG) are likely to dominate the future of transportation. These technologies will require close integration with the power system which will potentially place additional strain on the grid, but also open up opportunities for filling stations to earn additional revenues by providing grid balancing services. We are working with some of the leading providers of advanced fuelling technologies to help connect their advanced filling stations to the grid.


Industrial and Commercial

Green Frog Connect are able to provide grid connection and ‘behind the meter’ power generation services to our clients within the industrial and commercial sector. We can offer combined heat and power (CHP) systems, battery storage, renewable energy or whatever combination can achieve the greatest return on investment. Our solutions can be used by any high energy use development such as manufacturing plants, hospitals or high density residential/commercial.

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