Recognition of our intelligent and innovative energy solutions

One of our core values is to contribute to the clean and reliable energy supply of the future. We’re continually learning and striving for technical excellence, designing solutions which benefit our existing clients as well as contributing to the way we work on future projects. Our team is continually innovating to help drive the UK’s energy future towards net zero carbon, whether that’s in-house or on site.

In recognition of our cleaner and more flexible solutions making a significant contribution to the UK meeting future renewable energy and carbon reduction targets, we’ve been awarded a significant amount of Research and Development tax credits. Part of a government incentive to reward UK companies for investing in innovation, the tax credits are there to reward companies taking a risk by attempting to ‘resolve scientific or technological uncertainties.

“Innovation is at the heart of the UK’s energy transition”, says Richard Shearer, our Managing Director. “It touches all parts of the energy system, from policy frameworks to business models, infrastructure to deployment. Improving the end to end process is essential to us all working together to create a zero-carbon energy sector. Whether we’re looking at single small technical solutions or driving a large-scale technology breakthrough, it’s great to be recognised for research and development which is ultimately helping us all to realise the vision of a reduced carbon energy system. Our team of competent professionals have made some recent advances within our mechanical and electrical engineering designs helping to increase the overall knowledge and capability in the field, by providing a precedent and repeatable process. Our teams relish the opportunity where there is a technological uncertainty or no existing knowledge and have a track record of creating new advances. The team is at the forefront of the energy sector driving innovations to deliver efficiencies across the industry and a reduction in installation programme times”.