Independent Connection Provider (ICP)

New grid connections

Regardless of whether your new grid connection is to be made into a distribution network, a private network or the national grid, the first step is to determine if a connection can be made at a commercially-viable price. We understand the various parameters which can affect the viability of a project, based on the potential grid connection solutions. We can effectively estimate where grid capacity is likely to be achievable on a particular area of the network.

Very often the DNO’s offer to complete the contestable works may not be the most cost-effective way to proceed. The DNO is unlikely to be able to improve on lead times to complete works, due to other scheduled maintenance and upgrade works. As a Lloyd’s Registered company under the National Electricity Registration Scheme, we are able to quote for the contestable works, often at a much lower cost and with reduced timescales.

Challenging the DNO

A connection offer is divided into Contestable and Non-Contestable costs. We always challenge these costs and their timescales. The DNOs are not able to provide the economic service a commercial developer requires, but by working with them we can significantly improve on their offer. In many cases the offer can simply be incorrect. Our in-house team of engineers will check this and then challenge as appropriate. We can provide our clients with clear and accurate pricing information which enables sound commercial decisions.