Design and build (D&B)

With extensive industry knowledge, our highly experienced design team are able to propose and develop power engineering solutions to meet any challenge to deliver a complete range of civil and electrical design and project consultancy services ensuring every last detail is taken into account.

With an in-house team of CAD and electrical engineering experts we can provide full design and build services required to connect new electrical infrastructure projects to the grid up to and including 132kV.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Assistance with planning applications
  • Estimating services
  • Earthing soil resistivity surveys, earthing system modelling and earthing layout designs
  • Initiation and supervision of geotechnical surveys
  • Full civil and structural design with reinforcement packages to include roadway and drainage systems
  • Surface, foul drainage and SUDS systems
  • Fencing design
  • Design of scheme from DNO Point of Connection to customer site up to and including 132kV
  • Design of client-side substation and associated works up to and including 132kV
  • Design of electrical protection, control and G99 generator interface schemes – up to and including 132kV
  • Production of general arrangements drawings, schematic diagrams and wiring diagrams for protection and control relay panels
  • SCADA system and telecontrol I/O schedule design and control system interfacing
  • Cable route and directional drilling evaluation, GPR mapping and utility searches
  • Full CAD services using AutoCAD software packages
  • EPC design services to customer networks

Design consultancy

Assessing and optimising performance of your power plant design and systems, connections or protections can help optimise reliability and increase efficiency. Our power system studies facility means we can now offer modelling up to and including 132kV.

Reliability and efficiency have always been key watchwords in the energy industry and, as we transition towards a zero-carbon power system, they remain at the heart of our ethos. One of the ways we add value to our services is by investing in new technologies and innovations to ensure we are operating with the latest systems.

PowerFactory, the leading power system analysis software application for use in analysing generation, transmission, distribution and industrial systems, is no exception. Using PowerFactory gives us the ability to conduct complex load flow, fault level and protection studies, analyse all power generation components and study power system phenomena. Modelling transient simulations prior to transformer ordering ensures compliance to P28, giving clients peace of mind.

“Our capability to model as we design further strengthens our ability to create turnkey solutions for clients,” said Maciej Milewicz, Head of Design. “We have long prided ourselves on our ability to take a holistic view of our sites, designing practical and pragmatic solutions for clients. Bringing PowerFactory in-house will give clients even more confidence in our systems and energy generation projects.”

Using PowerFactory in-house means we can look at any issues early on, ensuring we incorporate any required mitigations into both the project and the cost plan. Harmonic simulations allow us to check sites are compliant with G5, and this can be done at an earlier stage in the project to ensure further requirements are built into the project as it develops.

Services we offer include:
  • Load Flow Studies
  • Feasibility of Initial Equipment Design
  • Check for Voltage rises and falls in local power system remain within compliance limits
  • Verification of system equipment design
  • Fault Level Studies
  • Feasibility of Initial Equipment Design
  • New Equipment Specifications (transformer, circuit breakers, switchgear, cables etc)
  • Evaluate existing equipment fault level capacity against calculated fault levels
  • Calculated to European and British Standard IEC 60909
  • Protection Studies
  • Calculate protection settings for new and existing sites
  • Transient Simulations
  • Transformer Inrush studies, ensuring transformers are compliant to P28 prior to ordering
  • AVR and Governor Modelling
  • G99 compliance studies
  • Harmonic Simulations, enabling us to check sites are compliant with G5.
Ask us about integrating systems modelling into your grid connection and system design.

Figure: Illustrating the worst case inrush current of a 3-phase 33/11kV transformer just after it is energised

Figure: Illustrating the impedance of the grid seen from various substations as a function of frequency