Battery energy storage

“Battery energy storage is disrupting the energy market and will transform the operations of grids and power markets. Yet more change will come with the ability to store ever-increasing amounts of power, putting businesses in a strong – and independent – position.”

Tom Drake, Commercial Director

Battery energy storage systems, or BESSs, are revolutionising the energy market and will be the key to unlocking a potential decarbonised energy landscape. Businesses can now improve their resilience, reduce their dependence on the grid and gain greater control over their energy. For larger power users, such as data centres, or critical infrastructure and industrial applications, BESSs can provide considerable cost savings whilst allowing business as usual to continue during any outages.

Batteries can be used with a wide range of renewable power generating technologies and will help enable the energy transition as we move towards a more sustainable and secure power system. Sustainable and secure, BESS will help businesses respond flexibly as their power requirements change, running as effectively and efficiently as possible. Adding in a BESS to your energy system to store any additional power will result in long term cost benefits, which will help to offset the installation costs.

BESSs are uniquely flexible in that they can change energy dispatch depending upon requirements over the course of a year, month or even an hour, meaning they can smooth the output of renewable power. Demand for BESS is rising – over 10,500MW of battery storage planning applications were made in 2019, compared to 6,900MW in 2018, according to research from RenewableUK. Many further projects are planned as businesses start to realise the potential of storing their own power.

If you have an obligation to provide power under the capacity market, dynamic suite with National Grid ESO or other ancillary or merchant services, speak to Green Frog Connect

How Green Frog Connect can help with your battery energy storage grid connection

Green Frog Connect are able to carry out a full turnkey balance of plant package, including civil works, design, construction, supply, installation and commissioning of battery packages, mechanical and HV/LV electrical services and Operations and Maintenance contracts

One of the most experienced energy connection specialists in the UK, we can assist with: 

Grid Application

We can work with you to discuss grid connection and challenge the DNO. The team have years of experience dealing with DNOs, understanding the impact of statement of works/modification applications on a project.

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Design Services

We can provide a full design service for your site including civil and Electrical Design. We work together with clients and stakeholders to produce innovative design solutions.

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Principal Designer Services

We have an in-house team of Design Engineers, along with a RoSPA Award winning Health and Safety Management System, to provide our clients with a Principal Designer service. We are able to assist our clients on all aspects of CDM Regulations.

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Power Engineering Studies

Our highly experienced team of Design Engineers can carry out Power System studies for our clients. Carrying out these studies in house can help reduce lead times and ensure that all designs are fully optimised.

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ICP services

As an Independent Connection Provider (ICP) we can design, procure and build your grid connection. We are accredited to design and construct grid connections up to and including 132kV.

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EPC contractor

We can provide a full Engineering Procurement and Construction Contract (EPC) for your scheme where Green Frog Connect carry out the role of Principal contractor. Many of our clients benefit from this approach as it reduces handover times and cost.

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We can provide an Operations and Maintenance programme for our clients or provide advice on what maintenance programmes are required.

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The Green Frog Connect process

Process step 1: Initial consultation

1. Following an initial consultation, clients send through a site layout and any existing grid connection offer. 

Process step 2: Quotation

2. We will review within an appropriate and agreed timescale and issue a site specific quotation for services requested; our quotation can either be a simple budget quote, or we can include some high level design work if more detail is required at this stage.

Process step 3: Contracts signed

3. Once you have reviewed and accepted our quotation, we’ll sign contracts before commencing any work.

Process step 4: Design and construction

4. We’ll proceed with design and subsequent construction works in line with the project programme agreed.

Process step 5: Project completed

5. Once the project is completed and commissioned, we’ll hand it over to you to run.

Process step 6: Operations and maintenance

6. We can assist with O&M services through the project lifecycle and even with decommissioning once your site is no longer required.