Gas peaking

“Provide the bridge between conventional fossil fuels and renewables – they allow solar and wind to be integrated into the energy system by providing back up when these can’t operate.”

Tony Edwards, Head of Civil Construction

Peaking power plants, also known as peaker plants, are power plants that generally run only when there is a high demand for electricity, in order to balance the grid. Gas peaking plants used compressed natural gas to generate this power. Unlike base load power plants, peak-lopping plants operate in standby mode when not in use and are called to run by the electricity grid when there is a demand to supply electricity. Payments are made to either generate in periods of high electrical demand or reduce electrical load to balance the electricity grid. Because they only supply power occasionally, the power supplied commands a much higher price per kilowatt hour than base load power. Peak load power plants are dispatched in combination with base load power plants, which supply a dependable and consistent amount of electricity, to meet the minimum demand.

Although historically peaking power plants were used in conjunction with coal base load plants, peaking plants are now used less commonly to balance coal produced power and instead are used to balance renewable and more efficient technologies. Traditionally, Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) plants are a service for the provision of additional active power from generation and/or demand reduction.

If you have an obligation to provide power under the capacity market, speak to Green Frog Connect

Completed gas peaking projects

Urban Reserve Phase 3 Projects

Green Frog Connect were hired to provide ICP and ECP services for AMP Clean Energy’s six new build gas peaking sites, with each site typically built out over a seven month period. Read more

Red Scar Business Park

Red Scar Business Park

Green Frog Connect carried out an essential 2km 33kV high voltage cable infrastructure installation at this site just off junction 31A of the M6 to connect a 40MW embedded gas peaking power plant to an existing 33kV electricity substation. Read more

How Green Frog Connect can help with your gas peaking grid connection

Green Frog Connect have been at the forefront of connecting Short Term Operating Reserve to the grid, having carried out the first grid connection and electrical balance of plant works for the Capacity Market. Following on from this success Green Frog Connect has worked with a number of STOR operators offering a full Engineering Procurement Construct (EPC) package which can include civil works, design and construction, supply, installation and commissioning of generation plant, mechanical and HV/LV electrical services.

One of the most experienced energy connection specialists in the UK, we can assist with: 

Grid Application

We can work with you to discuss grid connection and challenge the DNO. The team have years of experience dealing with DNOs, understanding the impact of statement of works/modification applications on a project.

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Design Services

We can provide a full design service for your site including civil and Electrical Design. We work together with clients and stakeholders to produce innovative design solutions.

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Principal Designer Services

We have an in-house team of Design Engineers, along with a RoSPA Award winning Health and Safety Management System, to provide our clients with a Principal Designer service. We are able to assist our clients on all aspects of CDM Regulations.

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Power Engineering Studies

Our highly experienced team of Design Engineers can carry out Power System studies for our clients. Carrying out these studies in house can help reduce lead times and ensure that all designs are fully optimised.

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ICP services

As an Independent Connection Provider (ICP) we can design, procure and build your grid connection. We are accredited to design and construct grid connections up to and including 132kV.

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EPC contractor

We can provide a full Engineering Procurement and Construction Contract (EPC) for your scheme where Green Frog Connect carry out the role of Principal contractor. Many of our clients benefit from this approach as it reduces handover times and cost.

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We can provide an Operations and Maintenance programme for our clients or provide advice on what maintenance programmes are required.

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The Green Frog Connect process

Process step 1: Initial consultation

1. Following an initial consultation, clients send through a site layout and any existing grid connection offer. 

Process step 2: Quotation

2. We will review within an appropriate and agreed timescale and issue a site specific quotation for services requested; our quotation can either be a simple budget quote, or we can include some high level design work if more detail is required at this stage.

Process step 3: Contracts signed

3. Once you have reviewed and accepted our quotation, we’ll sign contracts before commencing any work.

Process step 4: Design and construction

4. We’ll proceed with design and subsequent construction works in line with the project programme agreed.

Process step 5: Project completed

5. Once the project is completed and commissioned, we’ll hand it over to you to run.

Process step 6: Operations and maintenance

6. We can assist with O&M services through the project lifecycle and even with decommissioning once your site is no longer required.