“Renewable energy is the key to protecting our climate whilst meeting our growing energy needs. Energy diversification and storage will enhance energy security, reduce dependence upon imports and conserve our natural resources – it’s vital that we work together to enable the energy transition.”

Rebecca Lewis, Head of SHEQ

Renewable energy will help us tackle climate change, reducing emissions and pollution whilst fuelling our ever-increasing need for power. Since our inception in 2012, we have worked with a range of renewable energy resources, including wind, solar and biomass.

Renewable energy generation is increasingly providing the UK’s power. Due to Green Frog Connect’s experience and knowledge of this sector, we have the proven ability to be able to take over renewable energy projects and ensure they cross the line within the necessary timeframe, securing our clients many thousands of pounds of future revenue via the government Feed in Tariffs or ROCs Schemes.

We work with clients to find the most cost-effective solutions and manage the process to meet their individual requirements for onsite energy usage and export arrangements.

Solar power

Solar photovoltaic panels (PV) can capture either the heat or the light produced by the sun. Green Frog Connect have connected a number of Solar PV Farms to the grid, totalling in excess of 600MW. On a number of occasions, we have been approached by clients who have been frustrated by other Independent Connections Providers, who have been unable to complete the required works within timescales required by clients and their investors.

Wind power

On-shore wind offers one of the most cost-effective methods of producing energy. Green Frog Connect are experienced at connecting wind turbines to the grid across the UK in both urban and rural landscapes. We have a deep understanding of the geographical and environmental challenges presented by onshore wind developments.

We are able to offer a complete wind farm grid connection solution, from carrying out initial studies and calculations through to managing the physical works for connection.


Biomass energy is predicted to play an increasing role in renewable power generation, with some reports suggesting bioenergy could produce 16% of our required power by 2032. Biomass is only considered to be a renewable technology if it is from a sustainable source, for example where new plants are grown to replace those used for biomass fuel.

One of the main applications for biomass is in CHP plants. Find out more about our role here.


Harnessing the power of running water has long been a method of producing mechanical energy. Hydroelectric power plants can be more efficient than fossil fuel power plants at meeting peak power demands during short periods, particularly if they employ pumped storage methods and reuse the same water more than once.

If you have an obligation to provide power under the capacity market, Contracts for Difference a subsidy free installation or a behind the meter installation speak to Green Frog Connect

Completed renewable energy projects

Private wire solar installation

Green Frog Connect have connected a 4.9MW private wire solar installation at a factory in Leicestershire to the grid, creating a sustainable production facility which is the first of its’ kind to be partly powered by a large-scale solar farm. Read more

Red Gap Moor Wind Farm grid connection

Red Gap Moor Wind Farm

Green Frog Connect acted as the Independent Connection Provider for this 12.5MW wind farm generation plant, undertaking the design and construction of the electricity grid connection contestable works. Read more

How Green Frog Connect can help with your renewable energy grid connection

One of the most experienced energy connection specialists in the UK, we can assist with: 

Grid Application

We can work with you to discuss grid connection and challenge the DNO. The team have years of experience dealing with DNOs, understanding the impact of statement of works/modification applications on a project.

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Design Services

We can provide a full design service for your site including civil and Electrical Design. We work together with clients and stakeholders to produce innovative design solutions.

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Principal Designer Services

We have an in-house team of Design Engineers, along with a RoSPA Award winning Health and Safety Management System, to provide our clients with a Principal Designer service. We are able to assist our clients on all aspects of CDM Regulations.

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Power Engineering Studies

Our highly experienced team of Design Engineers can carry out Power System studies for our clients. Carrying out these studies in house can help reduce lead times and ensure that all designs are fully optimised.

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ICP services

As an Independent Connection Provider (ICP) we can design, procure and build your grid connection. We are accredited to design and construct grid connections up to and including 132kV.

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EPC contractor

We can provide a full Engineering Procurement and Construction Contract (EPC) for your scheme where Green Frog Connect carry out the role of Principal contractor. Many of our clients benefit from this approach as it reduces handover times and cost.

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We can provide an Operations and Maintenance programme for our clients or provide advice on what maintenance programmes are required.

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