Private wire solar installation

Green Frog Connect have connected a 4.9MW private wire solar installation at a factory in Leicestershire to the grid, creating a sustainable production facility which is the first of its’ kind to be partly powered by a large-scale solar farm.

Solar farm private wire installation

Location: Leicestershire
Project value: £350k
Services: Construction services, design

Our innovative technical solutions resulted in a vastly reduced project lead time and subsequently significant cost savings for the client.

Project details

Demonstrating the company’s commitment to implement more resource-efficient methods in its manufacturing process, the ‘hard-wired’ solar development will provide 30% of the site’s annual electricity demand, enabling the facility to reduce its carbon footprint and reliance on the national grid.

Green Frog Connect were responsible for the turnkey design and installation of the 11kV cable that connects the solar park to the factory, as well as an extension of the existing 11kV switchboard which allowed the solar park to be integrated into the factory’s existing network.

The project, which in part aimed to address the company’s sustainability concerns, was made technically challenging as the solar farm is located some distance from the factory itself. The existing Distribution Network Operator (DNO) metering substation supplying the factory required a generator constraint panel for the solar farm which was located two kilometres away.

In partnership with the rest of the project team, our challenge was to find a reliable solution to transfer the constraint signals to the solar park. With tight client deadlines and restrictive manufacturer availability, we designed and built our innovative technical solution in-house.

Using a fibre cable, complete with programmable converters, we were able to transform the hardwired volt free contacts via the ethernet. Our technical specialists designed and personally built the required panels mirroring each other at the remote ends. Each panel is built with an integrated supply unit with battery support should external supplies fail. We addressed any potential failure in communication by building in a watchdog for continuous monitoring to curtail generation if required to avoid tripping of any existing factory supplies.