Supporting the UK’s newest independent electricity network provider

Supported by Green Frog Connect, Vattenfall Networks, the UK’s newest independent electricity network provider, has won its first distribution network contract with Helvellyn Group.

Helvellyn will own and operate the new network, constructed by independent connection provider Green Frog Connect at a new plant in Leeds.

Stewart Dawson, the managing director of Vattenfall Networks, said: “The first of anything is always precious so we are of course delighted to partner with Helvellyn and own and operate the new electricity network at its Leeds plant.

“We believe our competence and experience brings customers, such as Helvellyn, peace of mind to get on with their business. Our new team will be focused on delivering the right solution with Green Frog Connect, Helvellyn’s independent connection provider.”

Tom Drake from Green Frog Connect, added: “We’re delighted to have been appointed as the ICP for this project. It’s a first of it’s kind for both Helvellyn – their first alternative fuel production plant in the UK, and for Vattenfall – their first IDNO network in the UK, so we’re looking forward to bringing Green Frog Connect’s experience to the project.

The scale of the independent distribution network sector has grown considerably since energy regulator Ofgem opened the market for connection and operations more than ten-years ago. Last year the market grew by 26%, from 600,000 to over 750,000 connections.

Helvellyn’s processing plant will see a new 11kV connection, with an import capacity of 5 mega volt amps. The design produced by Green Frog Connect will be adopted by Vattenfall Networks once the connection becomes live.