Green Frog Connect marks a major 1500MW milestone

This week marks a major milestone for Green Frog Connect – we’ve reached 1500MW of projects which have been connected or are in construction. It’s a fantastic achievement and we’re very proud of our team who made it possible.

1500MW represents about 2% of the UK’s electricity generating capacity, and it’s great to know that these were all either renewable energy projects or for flexible power generation. One third of these projects were not only connected by Green Frog Connect, but also built out in their entirety with us acting as the EPC.

When we started the business six years ago, we made the decision to focus purely on connecting power generation projects, which are more complex and time consuming than connecting residential and commercial developments,” says Tom Drake, Director. “After reaching this milestone it’s clear that this decision has paid off. We now have an incredibly skilled and dedicated team with a deep understanding of power generation grid connections across all DNO areas.

Having taken the step to become an EPC contractor for flexible power generation, we are well poised to play our part in the UK’s transition to a cleaner, more flexible and increasingly de-centralised electricity system. We look forward to the inevitable rise of battery storage and other types of energy storage such as gas to grid and super capacitors.

Image shows Richard Shearer, Managing Director (L) and Tom Drake, Director, (R) on site at Redfield Road, Nottingham, where Green Frog Connect acted as the Principal Contractor as well as the Independent Connection Provider for a 40MW gas-fired power generation plant, which provides reserve power to National Grid through the Capacity Market.