132kV connection for Air Liquide

20MW 132kV connection

Since 2004, Air Liquide has provided bulk gases to the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. They recently moved their UK production plant to the Midlands, so their existing manufacturing facility required an increased power supply. Green Frog Connect successfully installed a new 20MW 132kV connection, enabling the business-critical factory upgrade to go ahead.

Location: Birmingham
Client: Air Liquide
Services: ICP, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction services, Customer balance of plant construction and commissioning.

Project details

Bounded tightly by a railway line, existing on-site industrial operations and a working car park, the site for our latest HV installation presented our project team with some interesting challenges. From contract award successful energisation was achieved within the targeted twelve months program.

Once work began on site, several unexpected and unmarked and significant Victorian culverts were discovered running beneath the planned cable route and throughout the client’s site which created additional design challenges. Local network fault levels also presented the opportunity for an innovative earth design solution to mitigate against any resultant imported Hot Zone contours across the adjacent Network Rail track. Our technological approach prevented what would otherwise traditionally have required a disruptive redesign of the client’s site and a significant impact on the overall project delivery.

Throughout the project it was vital that existing production services were able to continue as normal. Our team led the complex logistics required to ensure our client experienced no operational impact from our works. We liaised with all other parties working across the clients site build to ensure all works dovetailed seamlessly with each other to ensure completion ahead of the client’s scheduled on-site plant commissioning.

We’re delighted to have played a central part in delivering this 132kV connection which enabled the upgrade of their manufacturing facility.

Click here to watch the site develop on Youtube.
Air liquide timelapse